Texting can be great, but it can also be the bane of our society. We’ve all received that one text that’s so awkward it makes our skin crawl. Here are fourteen people on the most awkward text they’ve ever received:

“I once had a guy text me full lyrics to You Make Me Wanna by Blue. Like the full song” – Mira.

“4 years after breaking up and having no contact, my ex texted me ‘I dreamt of your mom’ – awkward” – Nathalie.

“Once a guy got my phone number after he heard me recite it in a store, he almost immediately texted me ‘sorry are you looking for marriage?’” – Suzane, 26.

“An ex of mine once texted me that she had painful diarrhea, I thought it was a joke but sadly it was not” – Adam.

“I once received 45 messages in a row, a message a minute; the first 10 messages called me horrible names, and the next 35 were I love you and please marry me” – Lea.

“A girl texted me that she was pregnant and needed my help, we had only met the night before”- Mazen.

“My sister texted to tell me that she saw me on Tinder. Awkward” – Mahmoud.

“Message from my mom saying, ‘Nour bring cock’ meaning coke.” – Nour.

“A guy once texted to tell me that I looked exactly like his sister and to ask if I want to go on a date” – Serena.

“My mom once texted me: mom what does ‘dildo’ mean – so yeah” – Anonymous.

“This guy I had been on a couple of dates with texted me asking when it would be a good time for him to come over with his mother” – Deena.

“Once a wrong number texted me, ‘I’m gonna spank you naughty’” – Emma.

“I’ve gotten a few ‘we need to talk’ texts. Those are always awkward” – Roy.

“A guy I was seeing for almost a month texted me that he wanted to kill himself because he missed his ex-girlfriend” – Aya.

What awkward texts have you received? Comment and share below!


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