If you're the kind of coffee snob who thinks instant Nescafe is a crime of unforgivable proportions, then listen up, because there's a new joint in Gemmayzeh that's serving up some quality java.

Situated just in front of The Alleyway, Oliver’s Kitchen and Coffee Shop emits a relaxed Boho-inspired atmosphere accentuated by lots of natural lighting - perfect for the kind of student who needs a place to spend hours and hours studying.

The back wall is lined with bookshelves, always a good sign. Sidewalls feature an artistic arrangement of retro style mirrors and vintage images. Covered in the same nostalgic wallpaper as the surrounding wall, the restroom doors are like secrete passages, although leading disappointingly to nothing more exciting than the toilets – no Narnia or secret dungeons. Sorry folks.

The décor of the place is definitely on point, so before we talk more about the coffee, let's talk food.

The menu offers a unique selection of dishes with a lot of focus on health superfoods like Kale, butternut squash, salmon and grilled veggies. I ordered the Avocado Toast for a starter, which combines labneh, zaatar, and avocado on a slice of wholegrain toast. It was perfection.

Other notable options on the menu include the Artichoke Edamame Manchego salad, the Quinoa Shrimp Salad, the Grilled Veggie and Goat Cheese Baguette, and the Farmers Market pizza – combining goat cheese, roasted eggplant, butternut squash, zucchini, and carmelized onion.

Starters range from 10,000 LL to 13,000 LL, salads from 14,000 LL to 20,000 LL, and sandwiches from 13,000 LL to 20,000 LL. Portions are filling, making Oliver’s one of the few places in Beirut that serves up inspiring culinary dishes at a decent price that won't leave you hungry at the end of your meal.

Of course, with “coffee shop” included in the name, I had to finish off my delicious and wholesome dining experience with a fresh brew. The wannabe vegan in me practically jizzed myself when I saw the milk options: they've got almond, soy and even coconut milk creamer.

And then there's the coffee. Hands down, Oliver’s has one of the best lattes I have ever had in Beirut. The rich strong brew mixed perfectly with the almond milk, leaving my taste buds fully satisfied as the caffeine rush kicked in. And the best part? At 4,000 LL for a cup, the price is lower than most other quality cafes that offer the same for 6,000 LL to 9,000 LL.

With a full range of beverages, desserts, and food items, Oliver’s seems poised for success among Beirut’s bustling cafe scene.

For more info, check out Oliver’s Kitchen on Facebook.

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