It’s always a particularly harsh blow to the ego when a five year old is more stylish than I am. Lebanese singer Maya Diab’s daughter is the real star on her Instagram page where she showcases how stylish and cool five year olds can be.

When I was five I used to have a bowl-haircut and would constantly pair my rabbit-themed sweater with an actual rabbit that I cradled around town. To put it mildly, I looked like a middle-aged homeless woman suffering from a variety of mental and emotional problems. See photo below for proof.

But that is a far cry from Maya Diab’s daughter, who is mysteriously referred to as “K” on Diab’s Instagram.

Here are some of her best looks:

Here she is rocking the red lip. When I attempt this look I ended up resembling The Joker.

Here she is making the duck-face adorable, with hipster specs to boot.

Just casually strolling through the airport like a badass, wearing sunglasses and her hot mom by her side. Look away peasants.

Cleaning up real nice in mary-jane shoes. Also, check out her hot mom. Again.

Mother-daughter Bambi sweaters are cooler than we’ll ever be. There you have it, a five-year-old has handed us our asses.

[All photo's via Maya Diab's Instagram.]

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Amazing mother- daughter Xoxo

Kamal Elias on Jul 5, 2015 via web