Who would've thought that Lebanon has a fully functioning wildlife sector? When we hear the term 'zoo' or 'museum', our first thoughts aren't necessarily those of something local, but believe it or not, Lebanon has its moments. This is why places such as the Marine World Museum ensure that we all get a piece of wildlife and culture that we don't normally see every day.

With 2000 species and over 5000 specimens of marine wildlife, the Lebanese Marine and Wildlife Museum boasts the largest collection of mummified sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, fossils, mammals and so much more. The ideal spot for a family day out, this museum will leave you in awe of the magnificence and wonders of the marine world.

The museum has become one of Lebanon's most important eco group and collaborates with international organizations. Spreading knowledge, entertainment, awareness to people from all walks of life, this museum must be your next go-to spot!

  • Operating Hours:
    Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Lebanese Marine and Wildlife Museum

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    Jeita Grotto, Main Road Jeita Tel.: +9619222054
    Mob.: +9613246317


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