OMG John Legend is in Lebanon today and “All of Me” is on the edge of my seat in eager anticipation for his Byblos concert tonight.

If the thought of John Legend swooning out his soulful romantic lyrics on the stage of the Byblos Festival doesn’t already have you practically jizzing yourself, here’s a bit of eye candy to get you all hot and bothered before the big event.

Legend’s wife definitely loves all of him and is proud to show it all off! She posted this photo of his sexy backside to social media making Internet headlines earlier this week. I mean, it’s not everyday that a celebrities beautiful behind begins circulating the internet, right?


In fact it’s the latest trend. If you’ve been in your remote village without an Internet connection for the past week or so, there are the other two celebrity ass pics you missed.

Revealing some side-penis (is that an actual expression yet?), Jacobs publicly posted this picture to Instagram with the caption, “It’s yours to try!” Later claiming it was meant for a private Instagram message but proudly owning it. Get it Marc!

And then of course there was the image that teenage girls and gay men the world over jerked-off to: Justin Bieber’s bare ass in Bora Bora. All I can say is wow.

Any thoughts on which Lebanese celebrities will join this latest trend? I guess here in Lebanon everyone already got naked in support of Jackie a while ago so maybe ass pictures won’t be a thing here.

Anyway, now we can all sit in Byblos tonight with a new appreciation for Legend. Anyone know when J-Biebs might be coming to Lebanon so we can appreciate him up close and personal as well? Just wondering.

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Amazing <3

Kamal Elias on Jul 13, 2015 via web