Gmail has made our dreams come true by adding the “undo email” feature so you can retrieve emails within thirty seconds of sending them. For some people, it’s already too late; here are eleven people on emails they wish they could undo.

“I once sent a lengthy, and I mean really lengthy, email to my boss complaining about a manager on my team. I listed every single poor quality he has and how he is a major slacker. Guess who I sent it to? Yep, to the person I was complaining about” – Ahmed.

“An email that was supposed to go to my therapist was accidentally sent to the last person I had emailed instead: my coworker. It was so humiliating” – Manal.

“I meant to forward an entire email thread between my coworker and I to a friend and included the phrase, ‘look how crazy he is,’ but instead I just forwarded that to my coworker. It was an awkward year at the office” – Anonymous.

“I was drunk and decided to email my ex a list of everything that was wrong with her. I ended up hurting her and regretting it a lot. That’s one email I’d want to undo” – Belal.

“I was applying to a job via email once and accidentally sent the email along with my CV to my boss. It was the worst conversation” – Nabil.

“I’ve hit ‘reply all’ more times than I care to admit. Recently I 'replied all' to an email from our PR team complaining about how many times a day they email us” – Susan.

“On the first day of my current job I accidentally sent an email that was intended for my husband to the entire staff. It was so weird” – Joumana.

“I made a list of porn links to send to my girlfriend and instead sent it out to a major client. I lied and said it was a virus and he believed me... I hope?” – Jad.

“Sent my credit card information to the wrong email and got scammed, I meant to give it to my travel agent but thanks to a typing error I ended up losing $1,000 instead” – Michel.

“My coworker was presenting a case and I emailed the response, ‘this is so boring’ to him instead of my friend at the office. He didn’t talk to me for a year” – Fadi.

“I didn’t notice that my boss was cc’d in an email so when I 'replied all,' I included some comments clearly intended to make fun of him. It was bad” – Anonymous.


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