I think no one among us can disagree with this fact: Lebanese women are among the most beautiful in the world.

But it’s not all about physical appearance; it’s the way all her quirks and habits - her grace and natural elegance - come together as a whole.

Class and composure
Lebanese women command beauty. They attract others by means of their composure and the way they take care of themselves. A woman who is self aware is beautiful.

You know what a Lebanese girl would never be caught dead wearing in public? Sweatpants. This alone says so much about the ability of Lebanese women to exude a natural elegance. And if she goes to the gym, [and let’s face it: most Lebanese girls do] you can bet she does it in some trendy yoga pants.

Lebanese girls dress appropriately at all times and never, ever look like slobs. They live by standards of poise, good manners and, ultimately, perfection.

Pure looks
Having really nice skin, hair, and good body tone usually does the trick. Almond eyes. Also a glow. A real one, not from bronzer. Lebanese women. They have all of this.

Emotional manipulation
At its best. Lebanese women are capable of bending men to their will. Keep him guessing and change what they want in an instant, only to berate her man for not keeping up with her whims. He must do everything in his power to please you. Break him in like you’d break in a new pet. The ones who know how to do it right, will always get what they want.

An air of entitlement (Daddy's girls)
Arrogant, high-handed, superior, entitled; they are deferential to any man who attempts to win them over with his charming nature, unless this man is their father.

Life is a war. But these women are the children of individuals who’ve been through real war. That makes them tough as shit. How this plays out in the real world: If they make a threat, they absolutely intend to keep it. People who are better than you should inspire you, not discourage you from becoming a better version of yourself. Lebanese women will make sure you continue to improve until you die. It is, after all, the only way to go about life.

A hint of insecurity
It helps because it makes Lebanese women seem slightly human. [Spoiler alert: they’re not.]

A nice conversation is the most attractive thing you could ever do. Stupidity is an instant turn off. Most lebanese women are capable of intense, passionate, intelligent conservation. For this argument, I refer to Amal Alamuddin. Let’s give her a big round of applause, everyone.

An unreserved laugh
Most of the time, they hold back. Or they laugh, but their eyes don't. But on the rare occasion you manage to get a Lebanese girl to really let loose, she will let out a laugh so unreserved, it will cause your soul to transcend beyond the limits of your physical body into some other-worldly state of being. It’s the most beautiful thing. Well, that, and her pert, compact ass.

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I hope that maybe one day to give her a friendly hug... :-(

Blair Craft on Nov 15, 2016 via mobile web
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I knew a beautiful & talented Lebanese Princess, sadly she hasn't talked to me in over 6 years... The article is accurate...

Blair Craft on Nov 15, 2016 via mobile web
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Jo Colucci on Jul 8, 2016 via web