Art therapy uses the process of art making and art media as its primary mode of communication.

It is a three way process between the participant, the art therapist, and the artifact. In art therapy, the participant is invited to use a mixture of various materials including pastels, paint of different kinds, watercolor, gouache, crayons, felt pens, clay, and other materials.

Art therapy encourages the participant's self-discovery and emotional growth and enhances expression and communication. It does not require any artistic skills. It induces a positive change and growth on personal, mental, and physical levels in a safe and friendly environment.

The key point of art therapy is self-expression and self-liberation through visual making. Getting involved in art therapy plays a major role in increasing the self-esteem, self-awareness, and paving the way to achieving insight, emotional growth, and self-development.

$250 for four sessions

The timing of the sessions is tailored upon trainees' requests.

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Art Therapy Workshop With Soraya Obeid

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    Exode Facing Banque Libano Francaise, Accaoui Street Achrafieh Tel.: +9611336464
    Mob.: +9613976304


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Journey of Emotions I Solo... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'Brindille Turlupinée' at Exode Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'Pile ou Face' at Exode Exhibition (Photography)
'Turning & Turning & Turning'... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'Beautiful Moments' at Exode Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'Flowers' Exhibition at Exode Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
"Artistic Tweets" Exhibition Exhibition (Art)
Think Twice Exhibit Exhibition (Art)
'Nature-Art for Humans' Seminar Seminar & Lecture (Seminar)
'Body and Soul' Exhibition Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
DIY Artisanal Handicraft... Workshop or Class
"Heart" Valentine's Exhibition Exhibition (Mixed Media, Multimedia)
"Hearts" by Sana Collection Exhibition (Art)
"Gingerbread Artist" Christmas... Exhibition (Mixed Media)
'Words... Pictures...'... Exhibition (Photography)
'Spasmodic B' Exhibition Exhibition (Art)
Poetry Night at Exode Performance (Poetry & Spoken Word)
'Beirut Time Without... Exhibition (Art)
'Dry Brush' Exhibition by George... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)


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