Art therapy uses the process of art making and art media as its primary mode of communication.

It is a three way process between the participant, the art therapist, and the artifact. In art therapy, the participant is invited to use a mixture of various materials including pastels, paint of different kinds, watercolor, gouache, crayons, felt pens, clay, and other materials.

Art therapy encourages the participant's self-discovery and emotional growth and enhances expression and communication. It does not require any artistic skills. It induces a positive change and growth on personal, mental, and physical levels in a safe and friendly environment.

The key point of art therapy is self-expression and self-liberation through visual making. Getting involved in art therapy plays a major role in increasing the self-esteem, self-awareness, and paving the way to achieving insight, emotional growth, and self-development.

$250 for four sessions

The timing of the sessions is tailored upon trainees' requests.

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Art Therapy Workshop With Soraya Obeid

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    Exode Facing Banque Libano Francaise, Accaoui Street Achrafieh Tel.: +9611336464
    Mob.: +9613976304


Past Events Here

'Spaces of Hope' Exhibition at... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
Journey of Emotions I Solo... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'Brindille Turlupinée' at Exode Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'Pile ou Face' at Exode Exhibition (Photography)
'Turning & Turning & Turning'... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'Beautiful Moments' at Exode Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
Fine Arts Workshops at Exode Workshop or Class
'Flowers' Exhibition at Exode Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
"Artistic Tweets" Exhibition Exhibition (Art)
Think Twice Exhibit Exhibition (Art)
'Nature-Art for Humans' Seminar Seminar & Lecture (Seminar)
'Body and Soul' Exhibition Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
DIY Artisanal Handicraft... Workshop or Class
"Heart" Valentine's Exhibition Exhibition (Multimedia, Mixed Media)
"Hearts" by Sana Collection Exhibition (Art)


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