Workshop Objectives:
- Self awareness
- Learning relaxation techniques
- Realizing the importance of creativity
- Sharing ideas about happiness
- Finding ways to reach happiness
- Discovering that happiness lies within

$40 per session

The timing of the sessions is tailored upon trainees' requests.

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Finding Happiness Workshops at Exode

Addresses and Contacts

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    Exode Maameltein Highway Maameltein Tel.: +961985522
    Mob.: +9613840484
    Mob.: +9613676771


Past Events Here

'Spaces of Hope' Exhibition at... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
Journey of Emotions I Solo... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'Brindille Turlupinée' at Exode Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'Pile ou Face' at Exode Exhibition (Photography)
'Turning & Turning & Turning'... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'Beautiful Moments' at Exode Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
Fine Arts Workshops at Exode Workshop or Class
'Flowers' Exhibition at Exode Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
"Artistic Tweets" Exhibition Exhibition (Art)
Think Twice Exhibit Exhibition (Art)
'Nature-Art for Humans' Seminar Seminar & Lecture (Seminar)
'Body and Soul' Exhibition Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
DIY Artisanal Handicraft... Workshop or Class
"Heart" Valentine's Exhibition Exhibition (Multimedia, Mixed Media)
"Hearts" by Sana Collection Exhibition (Art)


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