"When you open the TroiZenFants book, you’re going to start a very complicated story ; the TroiZenFants universe is large, ironic and multi-coloured as well, but you’ll never get lost in it! Prints and colours from many different influences are perfectly and creatively interlinked. The clothes are amazingly original! And the designer, Valerie Herbert, puts a particular emphasis on the cut: pleats seem to be her speciality, and we’re crazy about them! The details are ingenious and subtle; the finishing touches are superb and meticulous. The fabrics are beautiful and wonderful to wear. The story goes that whoever wanders into the kingdom of TroiZenFants will become infatuated by the ogre with big feet and will settle there. In a liquorice and gingerbread house, of course!"


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    ABC Mall Dbayeh Dbayeh Tel.: +9614416000


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