We all have our relationship deal breakers—qualities that we find so unappealing in a significant other that they cause us to reconsider the otherwise great person sitting across from us at a dinner table. The thing about deal breakers is that they are rarely if ever justifiable, we can’t help it. So we tried to keep an open mind as we listened to nine people share their (sometimes ridiculous, always definitive) relationship deal breakers.

The girl who has a thing for monosyllabic guys:
“I can’t stand talkative guys. I like to do all the talking so if I guy says more than five words in a conversation I’ll end it with him no matter how amazing he is otherwise.”

Perla, 26.

The girl who has a thing for Olympic swimmers:
“I’m bisexual but my friends joke that I’m a lesbian because I only date completely hairless men. I hate guys with any body hair whatsoever and will not consider dating a guy with any hair on his back/chest/arms/legs/privates/bottom.”

Anonymous, 30.

The girl who probably shouldn’t date British guys:
“No crooked teeth, ever. If those teeth aren’t as straight as an arrow I don’t want to know you.”

Carla, 25.

The guy who hates grammar Nazis:

“I hate texting so I’ll use dictation on my phone whenever I can, but when I can’t speak out loud I’ll have to write out what I want to say. I know all the grammar rules but I’ll abbreviate words and type out whatever’s faster when I’m texting, but I’ll never date anyone who’s going to be correcting me all the time.”

Houssam, 29.

This girl who’s perfect for him:

“I’ve been told that I’m somewhat of a grammar Nazi so when it comes to texting if the guy I’m seeing can’t spell or dangles a preposition I’ll lose it and break it off”

Ava, 37

The guy who doesn’t know how to eat shawarma:
“I hate garlic and especially ‘toom sauce’ because the smell is so abrasive and stays for so long after you eat it. I will date girls who eat garlic but I’ll make them stop if they want to keep dating me so I don’t know if this will be considered a deal breaker.”
We’ll take it.

Rayan, 21.

The guy who likes his banter:
“Admittedly I’m not the most sensitive guy there is so I need to be with a girl who can take a joke. If I have to worry about what I say all the time then we probably shouldn’t be together no matter how cool you are.”

Ehab, 35.

The girl who can’t be bothered:
“If my significant other is a complainer I will usually break up with him. I’ve dated way too many guys who complain way too much and I’m sick of listening to and pretending to care about someone else’s problems. The sound of a man nagging will push me away very quickly. I’m a problem solver so for me if you can’t find a solution you should forget about it and if you can find a solution you shouldn’t be complaining.”

Yana, 25.

The guy with the sensitive lungs:
“My relationship deal breaker is smoking. People who smoke cigarettes have no respect for their body and that’s something I avoid when looking for a girlfriend. I’ll always ask a girl if she smokes before I start dating her because I can’t stand the smell or sight of anyone smoking.”

Paul, 33.


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