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Brunch: the laziest name ever thought of, is a staple of society. If there’s one thing television has taught us, it’s that you’re not cool unless you have brunch. Here are some of the best brunch dishes Lebanon has to offer:

Eggs Benedict at The Four Seasons Hotel

The chefs at The Four Seasons Hotel have perfected this dish down to the very last component. The egg is perfectly poached and has a soft and velvety texture, the hollandaise sauce accents the dish very well and is creamy and rich. The egg is laid onto an English muffin with a piece of ham or salmon and grilled asparagus on the side. It is a must-try for brunch lovers.

Fatteh at El-Soussi

Located in Mar Elias, El Soussi is a hidden gem that was mentioned in a CNN article listing some of the best breakfasts in the world. The restaurant has been serving all kinds of Lebanese dishes like eggs with awarma, chicken liver, hummos, and foul since 1976. After tasting the fatteh, it becomes obvious why this family owned business stands out from your teta’s home cooking.

Waffles at Balima

If the beautiful and calm venue is not enough to entice you to spend time at Balima, these waffles will. Addictive and fluffy, you can order your waffles with a side of Nutella or fruits (any normal person would choose Nutella, duh.)

Flambéed caramelized banana crepe at Café Diem

Head to Cafe Diem for this exceptional dish but be warned, it's not for the faint of heart. Served in a cast iron skillet, the crepe is rich and dense (in a good way,) and the bananas on top are drenched in Grand Marnier and caramelized to perfection. This is one of those dishes that can transport you to the streets of Paris. It’s that good.

Cronefeh at Sea Sweet

After the famed Beirut.com article about the Cronefeh went viral, we decided to include it in our list of must-try brunch dishes because, why not? The Cronefeh combines two culinary masterpieces – the croissant and the knefeh. You can find it in branches of Sea Sweet all around Lebanon.

French toast at Casablanca

While I hadn’t heard about this dish until recently, the reviews I got of the French Toast at Casablanca were raving. Having tried it shortly after hearing said reviews, I can say that this is the best French Toast I have ever had. The fruit on top is fresh, juicy, and tangy – a perfect complement to the crunchy, sweet toast underneath. The plate is drizzled with maple syrup, adding even more depth and substance to the dish.

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