What is more important than selecting a profile picture? Nothing. Well, we’re exaggerating, but people take this choice really seriously – sometimes setting up Whatsapp groups for the sole purpose of finding a suitable photo. This is why we here at Beirut.com present you with: what your profile picture says about you.

No profile picture/default

You’re a mystery, an enigma – at least, that’s what you think.

Black and white

Okay, we get it. You’re fancy and you’re constantly making references to books. You also probably wear sandals 96% of the time.

Gay pride filter (still)

You’re a wonderful person but you need to get with the times. Same-sex marriage was legalized months ago and we’re all over it. The new thing is #BlackLivesMatter.

The back of your head

We don’t know what you’re doing with this one but we’ll take it because you’re such a nice person. Also, you don’t know what you’re doing in life. You need to get your act together, and soon.

A family photo

You’re a mom.

Group photo where you’re the only one who looks like a human being

Look at you being all passive-aggressive with a photo…

In hiking/repelling gear

You’re the type of person who orders a bottle of beer and a tequila shot when you’re at a pub. You’re easily the most fun person in a room and everyone wants to be friends with you, because obviously, you’re cool.

With your friends at the club

It’s fun to imagine you doing your makeup for 4 hours before you hit the club. This picture is probably the reason you’ve been hitting the gym for a year straight – just to achieve this one post.

With a baby

You have baby fever. Get penetrated ASAP.

A picture of you as a child

That was the last time you were attractive.

With your significant other

It’s important to you that people know you’re getting laid.

Your favorite soccer team

This is the most interesting thing about you, which is still pretty boring.


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