N.B This post was originally published in August 2015.

You may have come across our last piece on vans from earlier this month, in which we detailed why choosing to travel by van in Beirut is the best decision you could ever make. While it is reliable and fast, what some of you don’t know is it’s also the funniest form of self-expression in Lebanon. One keen Instagram user picked up on this and created an account called LebaneseVans, where (you guessed it), people send in pictures of funny vans they see in the streets of Lebanon. Below are some of our favorite entries:

This hopeless romantic:

This guy whose heart is clearly on the mend:

This guy who clearly doesn’t need to see when he’s reversing because George Wassouf is his eyes and ears:

This guy who has had it up to here:

This turstworthy guy:

This force to be reckoned with:

This Haifa fan:

This patriot:

This guy who can really deliver a burn:

You can follow Lebanese Vans on Instagram: @LebaneseVans.

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