If you’re anything like me, your deepest, darkest secret is that you can eat three orders of pizza in one sitting. And, if you’re still anything like me, you can relish in the fact that others have more interesting, better secrets. So, we set up an anonymous thread and asked people what their biggest secret is. Total anonymity provided us with some of the juiciest, most interesting secrets. It is with much discrepancy and no judgment that we bring you: 10 people with their biggest secrets.

“I’m a 40 year old virgin and my situation is nowhere nearly as funny as the movie”

“I’ve been married to my husband for almost 8 months and we still haven’t had sex because he gets an anxiety attack every time we try to do anything.”

"I like to fart in elevators. Especially when they are full.”

“The reason I haven’t gotten married yet is because I’m gay and I can’t tell anyone in my family. Everyone keeps asking me why I’m not married yet and I have to tell them that I haven’t found the right girl but the truth is I feel like no one knows the real me and deep down it kills me.”

“I liked The Sisters show on LBC.”

“I really really like my brother’s long term girlfriend. I would never do anything to act on it but it’s killing me inside that I can’t be with her.”

“All my friends know me as a big drinker and everyone thinks I’m so much fun to drink with, but I’m actually depressed and alcohol helps me deal with my depression. I often drink alone until I black out.”

“I don’t think this is so horrible but I still won’t tell any of my friends because I don’t know how they’d react. Every friendship I have ever initiated in my adult life has been with the intention of wanting to mess with the person. I genuinely love and care for my friends now though.”

“I’m graduating high school and my parents want me to be a doctor or an architect but wish I could pursue my dreams and be an artist.”

”Schizophrenia runs in my family and I think I have it but I’m too scared to get help.”


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