It's a 65 day challenge to alter his physique completely and be able to pull off dressing like King Leonidas of Sparta on Halloween.

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    Fun and light narration on the daily happenings. Informative (sports, marathon running, sprinting, swimming, fitness & bodybuilding, sports nutrition & dieting, sports injury & prevention), weekly progress pictures of the transformation and other pictures relative to daily subjects.

Michel Dines in Hell '10

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Log In with Philippe Yacoub on MTV, I talk about the blog, the challenge and the costume Beynetna where I explain how my perception of the challenge changed and how it became also about mass motivation. About inspiring people to set their own goals and how interactive everything became...

Jan 1, 2011, 11:43 AM
King Leonidas Halloween Costume: Michel Dines In Hell.

I'd watch this one instead; it's longer, but illustrates the situation better.\"The old ones say we Spartans are descended from Hercules himself. Bold Leonidas gives testament to our bloodline, his roar is long and loud.\"Remember us\", as simple an order as a king can give, \"remember why we died\".For he did not wish tribute or song, nor...

Nov 1, 2010, 12:10 AM

Here it is. The final curtain. We're the 31st and the past 2 days were literally CRAZY! As you can see from the final progress pictures below, I actually got there! But I not only I dropped 12.1 kgs in SIXTY FIVE DAYS. And got muscular. And got ripped. But the Blog got around 3000 views only yesterday and amassed around 24000 views up till now....

Oct 31, 2010, 2:46 PM


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