We are faced with a large amount of outrage and grievances, leading to a bitter population. The people in Lebanon cannot even hold a conversation without unrelentingly expressing some sort of dissatisfaction, resentment, and uneasiness.

What better way to release your moans and cries than through some laughter? So after making you cry with our list of most sentimental Lebanese campaigns, we bring you six of the funniest Lebanese advertisements.

Come to Zahle: Zahle's People, Generosity, and Electricity 24/24
Even though my grandma has been dealing with Lebanon’s electricity crisis for decades, she’s never failed to stop moaning about it: kissikhthalbalad, she yells. The cuts have now become my clock. I know it’s 9:00 A.M. without even a glance at the time, and the electricity will be out for the next three hours.
But if you haven’t heard, Zahle now has electricity twenty-four hours and seven days a week. Say whaaat? Yes, I know. I’d like to move there…right now.Electricité De Zahlé has releasedvarious short clips to promote this unbelievable service. But the swearing grandma is, by far, the most comical and humorous promotional take.

Five years in Beirut, andthere is still one phone call that I dread the most: ordering anything for delivery. It’s so irritating that I will plead and beg anyone to make the call, just as long as it’s not me.
The complexity of directions in Lebanon is captured so amusingly well in three one-minute clips to promote Nour Serhan’s street campaign “Beirut by Route,” which highlights our everyday struggle to describe a specific location without any markers, such as unique house numbering or street names.

Boecker – No Doubt – “Bathroom”
I could count on one hand the amount of cockroach sightings before my move to Lebanon. And since then? Every morning, I routinely check my toothbrush for any insect sightings, my cup of coffee for any annoying gnat, and the inside of my shoes for any creature that has decided to take a nap.
It’s suiting for Boecker Public Health to capitalize on this disgust and fear, as the largest pest management group in the Middle East.

Boecker - No doubt "Bathroom" from Amanda Abou Abdallah on Vimeo.

Vape – All It Needs Is A Spritz!
Speaking of cockroaches.I have a seasonal best friend. She usually comes handy during the summertime. Her name is Vape, she kills insects, and I’m not quite sure what I’d do without her.

When Jeddo Wants To Send An Email
An increasing number of elderly folk are stepping in line to learn more about technology. In this commercial for Byblos Bank, the grandfather believes his handwritten letters will, somehow, be miraculously sent through e-mail. As we all know, teaching the older generation about technology can take a lot of patience (let alone time). But there are things that will save you time, such as Bank Byblos’ mobile banking application. With this service, you’ll have more of that time to spend on important matters, like teaching your grandfather how to scroll through a webpage.

Dekkene Delivery: Arrib 3al Tayyib!
“Corruption doesn’t wait for anybody,” says one of the street sellers. No, he isn’t selling the standard roses, boxes of tissues, or children’s toys. He, among a group of others, are selling driver’s licenses, high school and college degrees, taxi license plates, and any other official documents that would usually take a load of time and money.

Of course, this was all in good humor to promote Sakker El Dekkene a non-governmental organization with a mission to fight corruption. Citizens can report any incidents, like briberies, by way of text description or byuploading a picture or video of the event. The collected data is then collected and promoted through reports and live maps—all available to the public in order to spur change in Lebanon. Thinking about playing a hand in corruption? Don’t be too surprised if you appear on Sakker El Dekkene and lose a little of your dignity. You’ve been forewarned.

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