We see many misfortunes every single day and in most cases, we can barely make a dent in each person’s life. However, over the past few days, one refugee has received enough donations to completely change his life, and possibly the lives of his children.

After being pictured carrying his sleeping daughter, Abdul Halim - a Palestinian refugee who was twice-displaced from the Yarmouk camp in Syria, received thousands of dollars in donations for his family. The image went viral on Twitter accompanied by the hashtag #BuyPens, because he was selling pens on the street to make enough money to “eat drink and pay rent”. Within half an hour $15,000 were raised, and within two days $128,000 were raised. Within three days: $145,000. Abdul Halim told NBC News that he plans on using the money to ensure that his daughter (4-year-old Reem) and son (9-year-old Abdullah) go to school, so don’t have to subsist on money they collect on the street.

People were overwhelmed with compassion for the 35-year-old father of two. Most people called it a beautiful thing.

While others hoped that the movement would not end with Abdul Halim’s family, but extend to many others in need.

However, a few were upset at the amount of attention Abdul Halim’s family was getting compared to that of other refugees.

Regardless of our opinions, it’s nice to see that despite the widespread death and poverty, people are not hardened and have not become apathetic. They’re still compassionate toward others around them in need and are willing to help them.

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