Yes folks, it’s true. Not a prank, not a misleading title, just a very sad reality. Our beloved government is now in the process of installing parking meters on Manara’s Corniche and Ain el Mrayseh.

On Tuesday night, a few new parking meters were spotted on the corniche of Ain El Mrayse, these parking meters are currently placed in the area extending from the corniche facing AUB to that facing Starbucks.

Even the park meter realizes how bad of an idea this is and so decided to save itself the embarrassment by suffocating itself with a plastic bag. While we are still struggling with the ongoing garbage, electricity, and water crises among many others, the people in charge have found yet another way to rip us off.

Here’s why this whole thing is absolute bullshit: those morning jogs with a great view and fresh air are not technically free anymore. Also, if you’re one of those people who jogs great distances and maybe later grabs breakfast in Zaitunay Bay; I hate to break it to you but that’s not going to work anymore. You can only pay for three hours at once, meaning that you’ll have to return to your parking spot to renew the payment. This is a major problem for AUB students who wake up at 6 am just to find parking spots there rather than pay the ridiculously overpriced parking tariffs, these students cannot leave their classes and head all the way back to Manara just to feed the meter.

Personally, as an AUB student who’s sick of spending $10 a day on parking, I was looking forward to saving some extra cash by parking on Manara. But I will not give up! I found my solution: I will sell my car and spend that money on food - that’s better. Anyway, for more serious solutions, biking is the answer! No traffic, no air pollution, no parking fees, and some much-needed exercise.

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