We are horrified, disgusted, livid.

For those of you who are not brave enough to watch the video below, we don't blame you. It shows two unidentified adults encouraging and pressuring a child to throw an innocent kitten from the fourth floor.

The assholes had bribed the child with $10 to perform this heinous act. The worst part is that you can see the child hesitate when the kitten looks at him innocently, not knowing what's to come.

Animal protection agencies such as BETA, Animals Lebanon, and any other animal lovers should take action immediately against the two psychopaths who are taking pleasure in watching this innocent animal fall to its death.

Moreover, child protective agencies need to get involved because this is a case of absurd abuse where a child is being pressured to commit acts of violence and murder. This child is not safe in an environment that not only condones, but encourages violence.

A few weeks ago, a video surfaced on Instagram showing a 16-year old beating a rabbit to death with a wooden spoon. A few months ago, a man tied up a dog and tortured it to death. Last year, two municipality workers tied up a donkey and abused it until it died.

Screw our petitions and screw our social media outcries. We need to end this pattern now.

At your own discretion, watch the horrific video below.

This, more than anything, is what should be changed. #stupidlebanesementality #brainwashingthenextgeneration

Posted by Lynn Wahab on Wednesday, 2 September 2015


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