Labneh. Do some stuff to milk to turn it into yogurt then do some stuff to yogurt to turn it into labne. Labneh. One of the most versatile dips in the world is about to get more versatile with’s very own: Guide to Labne: Things You Can Dip in Labneh. Have I said labneh enough times?

1. Crutide. The fancy word for carrot sticks and raw cauliflower. It goes without saying that this is the most obvious choice, as well as a healthy snack when you feel like something crunchy to satisfy your cravings.

2. Nachos. Although a Lebanese delight, labneh will not fail you in cross-cuisine pairings. It doubles as sour cream really, really well. Also try dipping your Flamin’ Hot Cheetos into it! (I’m not responsible for any explosive diarrhea you may experience.)

3. Your face. A labneh mask is just as effective as a yogurt mask, especially after a sunburn. Something about lactic acid being good for your skin.

4. French fries. Forget ketchup and get on the labneh train! The cold creaminess is perfect.

5. Mini-zaatar sticks You’ll find them all around the supermarket, mini zaatar-flavored kaak. It’s the yummiest snack ever!

6. Your friend. Arrange a photo op of you guys spreading various dips on one another for special memories that will last forever.

Do you have any particular uses for labneh we should know about? Tell us in the comments section!

[Images via Facebook, Life on the Wedge, and Sami’s Kitchen Recipes.]

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