The fall semester is upon us all and entering university can be one of the most challenging experiences ever. I remember going to AUB as a freshman and being straight up lost and confused 90% of the time. That’s why we’re here to bring you: How to succeed in AUB without really trying (but trying really really hard).

1. We can’t stress this one enough. Become your professors’ best friend. Be that annoying person who calls the professor “Doctor” and proceeds to ask one million questions after time is up and everyone just wants to get up and leave. It’ll probably pay off in a couple of bonus points at the end of the semester.

2. Become really good at protesting. You’re going to do it a lot when they quadruple your tuition for the tenth time.

3. Become acquainted with Bliss Street and experiment with your favorite sandwich fillings at Comme Si Comme Sage because most days, that's the only joy you'll experience.

4. Know all the quiet places to study. AUB’s library, while great, is disproportionately small so the chances of finding a seat to study are slim. Don't be afraid to go down to the "dungeons" or "bowels of hell" AKA the basement of the library.

5. Keep a map of AUB on your phone your first week of school. It’ll save you some embarrassing “Oh, this isn’t PSYCH 201?” stories.

6. If you’re scared of cats, AUB probably isn’t the best place for you.

7. Get used to the horror of going from lower to upper campus without sounding like you birthed a small bird at the end. Seriously, it’s embarrassing.

8. Learn how to navigate through Nicely Hall.

9. Starbucks is great. It also turns into an expensive habit to have five days a week, an espresso or Nescafe from Abu Naji will do! Tip: during the summer, be sure to try the iced Nescafe, it's to die for.

10. Study, study, study, then study some more. AUB's reputation of being a tough school is legitimate - put in the hard work and you'll reap the benefits (you'll get 70's at best).


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