Snacks are the best thing since sliced bread. But if you really want to feel the height of luxury, why not combine two snacks? It’s 2015, if you’re not eating your snacks in pairs or more then you’re doing something terribly wrong. That’s why we bring you: best snack combos ever.

1. Ghandour's Unica and iced black coffee:

This combo is for people who feel like something sweet and refreshing after a meal but don’t enjoy excessively sweet things. The nutty-ness of the Unica combined with the richness of the coffee is an unbeatable combination.

2. Flamin’ hot Cheetos with sour cream:

Not for the weak-willed. Once you try this snack combo you will not be able to think of anything else.

3. Savory popcorn mix:

Combine popcorn with cubes of cheddar cheese, pickles, peanuts, and for a weirdly addictive movie snack.

4. Sweet popcorn mix:

Add M&M’s and mini Reese’s cups to salt or caramel popcorn for this delicious treat.

5. Apples and cheese:

Choose your favorite cheese to pair with your favorite type of apple. Sour Grannysmith apples work well with Gruyere cheese.

6. Nutella dipped pretzels:

Knotted pretzel work best for this sweet-savory combination. Dip and shove into your mouth. Repeat until dead.

7. Donut Ice Cream Sandwich:

Step 1, cut a donut in half. Step 2, sandwich in some ice cream in between the two halves. Step 3, stuff in your face.

Do you have any snack combos you’d selflessly like to share with us? Tell us in the comments section below!

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