People will commute to work, university, or any other desired destination by car; whether it's public transportation or their own car, 'walking' isn't much of an option anymore.

I personally love to walk - yes, even in summer- and it's very beneficial for many reasons:

1. You save up to $130 each month
2. It helps you burn some of that fat you accumulated from last night’s dinner
3.You get to admire your surroundings

But despite the extraordinary benefits of walking, walkers will surely encounter a variety of problems, so let me walk you through (pun definitely intended) the problems people who walk will understand:

1. You need to leave home at least 20 to 30 minutes earlier, depending on where you’re headed. This only means that you have to set your alarm a full half-hour earlier, leading to the dramatic loss of an hour of sleep. *cries a little*

2. Whatever happens with the weather, you have to be prepared! This means a mini-towel for your summer sweats, an umbrella for those unexpected Spring showers, and a heavy-duty jacket for the winter cold.

3. If you’re like me and walk on inner-roads and take shortcuts, you will encounter lots of dog poop, and I mean lots.

4. If you’re a devoted walker, people will start expecting you to pass by at specific times. After three years of me taking the same roads, an old Armenian man named Nelson started noticing my tardiness and I had to explain myself as if I were talking to my father. That’s when other shortcuts had to be taken.

5. You have to endure those lazy nagging friends who hate to walk. If you want to go from a place to another, let’s say from Bodo in Mar Mikhael to Chaplin, ALSO IN MAR MIKHAEL - a total of a three-minute walk- they will simply ignore you and stay still.

6. And of course, the most recent problem: TRASH!!!!!!! It’s flooding the streets everywhere, meters and meters of decomposing piles of rubbish waiting to infect you. Hopefully soon, we’ll get our Lebanon back.

No matter what happens though, I will keep on walking just to enjoy some time alone (even when I’m in a hurry and need to get to class). Earphones and stylish sunglasses on, I prepare myself every day for a new journey.


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