Join us every Wednesday from 5:45 pm until around 8:00 pm to explore modified states of consciousness using Holotropic Breathwork. The technique is a combination of accelerated breathing, evocative music and optional bodywork designed to release bio-energetic and emotional blockages.

Participants can access memories which are unconsciously stored in the body and mind. Experiencing the inner realms of one's psyche with one's present adult consciousness is an opportunity to resolve pending issues, to discover one's true self and to receive profound insights.

Some benefits:
- Elimination of psychosomatic problems.
- Elimination of fears, anxieties, limiting beliefs and stress.
- Increase in one's sense of purpose and focus.
- Enhanced awareness of self and others.

Holotropic Breathwork

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    Hazmieh, old Internal Damascus Road, Mallat Center 2, 4th floor, next to Papaya Restaurant Hazmieh Mob.: +9613308198


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