Every three days, we lose a person to suicide in Lebanon. Let that sink in for a moment…

Despite this staggering number, the popular attitude in our culture is to avoid the issue of mental illness completely. Embrace is an NGO that believes that talking about suicide is the first step towards a solution; Embrace provides a support network for mental health for those in need.

On Sunday September 13th, Embrace held an “Into the Dawn” memorial walk to remember those we have lost to suicide, and to acknowledge the pain of those left behind. Almost 200 people woke up before dawn and joined the march on Rouche to show their support.

More importantly, Embrace is working on the brilliant project of establishing Lebanon’s first Suicide Prevention Hotline! We cannot stress the importance of this project enough, the NGO has launched an online fund and is accepting donations from everyone to reach their goal of $20,000. Donations are being accepted here starting from as little as $5. We urge you to show your support and donate since 90% of suicides are a result of treatable mental illnesses; you never know whose life you’d help saving!

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