We Lebanese are a generally happy people who love and enjoy life. We have a great sense of humor and a positive outlook on most things that get thrown our way (and God knows they’re many). This is why tiny, happy twists tend to make our day, from finding a parking spot in Hamra to having the electricity stay on, here are some of the mini victories only Lebanese people can relate to:


-When the electricity stays on for an extra hour - which is often by mistake and would be taken out of next day’s hours.

- When your very long and important download finishes before the electricity goes out. I think most of us have experienced the rage of losing a five hour download to a power outage.


- Getting into a cab that has an AC that works. I’m sure you understand how traumatizing it is to get into a hot cab during the summer, being squished by the people in the cab and getting soaked in sweat (which is not entirely yours, gross).

- When your cab driver is not a chain smoker!! If you are a non-smoker, the most annoying thing is having a cab driver who holds on to a cigarette like a life line. All that smoke flying right into your face and hair because his window is down, it’s an awful struggle.

- Having a quiet taxi ride. Cab drivers spend the whole day driving around so they’re usually pretty bored and love starting conversations with you. Whether they talk about the weather, work, family, politics, or world peace - they always have something to talk (read: nag) about. They will always have personal questions for you, and acquaintances that go to your university/workplace that you just HAVE to know…that’s one fun ride, said no one ever.

- Being dropped off at your exact destination. I’m sure at least once in your life, a cab driver changed his mind and dropped you off in the middle of the road, or encountered a customer willing to pay more so he just ditched you…hardest breakup ever.


- When your mom doesn’t hand you the phone to talk to her cousin’s husband’s nephew because “3ayb, you have to”.

- Coming home after a long day to find that lunch is NOT mjaddara!

- Being able to convince your mom that you weren’t kidnapped and that there was just no phone reception in the movie theater.


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