Everyone loves fries.

Actually, it's more accurate to say that everyone loves all types of fried food. Deep fry any food and watch people fall in love and foodgasm all over it.

A couple of weeks ago, the new Italian restaurant Popolo (which is Italian for ‘people’) opened in Ain el Mraysseh and I’ve already found my favorite dish there. A savory delight called Patatine Al Tartufo, which means “truffled chips” - just let that perfection sink in for a moment. This dish is so good that, let me put it that way, you’ll not only want that whole plate to be yours, you’ll want to take it home and sleep next to it.

See how gorgeously perfect that looks? It tastes even better.

Crispy potato allumettes covered with a white truffle sauce made of black truffle bits, white truffle oil, and cream - spiced to perfection and served generously. The potatoes are crunchy and full of flavors, yet the taste is subtle enough to keep you craving more without overpowering your senses. You’ll soon forget about regular French fries after trying this dish, no exaggeration there, I promise.

This is officially my favorite starter in Beirut so far. From one foodie to all my fellow foodies in Lebanon, I foresee a new favorite dish in town!

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