Dating is great! Theoretically speaking that is... Sometimes, a good date can be a blissful union of giggles and batted eyelashes. Other times, a bad date can feel like time stood still for an eternity as your soul melted away in the infinite abyss….until the check arrives.

So we asked around and got some detailed insight of the major dating deal breakers according to Lebanese Men:

The Phone Addict

"I hate a girl who is always on her phone. You can't get through a decent conversation with her without the constant beeps and clicking. Ladies, put the iPhone down and step away from the charger." - Ayman, 24

The Ditz

"I once went out with a girl who pretended she doesn't know where Germany was. Not cute! Pretending to be dumb is not cute or attractive in any way, shape or form." - Sami, 26

The High-Maintenance Gal

"It's nice when a girl gets dressed up and looks her best but one too many Prada bags and I'm out."- Ralph, 34

The Racist

"We were having a good time and all, went out, had a couple of drinks but when I was driving her back home she said the most racist remark I've ever heard. Safe to say I never called her again."- Danny, 28

The Anti-Social

"I'm a very social person. I love going out, meeting new people and having a good time. I feel a partner who can put up with that probably won't be able to handle the rest." - Nader, 31

The Jealous One

"A little jealousy is nice every now and then. It let's me know she still cares but a woman who would go through my messages or ask me to stop seeing my friends or hate on every girl I introduce her to is definitely a deal breaker for me. - Adnan, 38

The Drama Queen

"Girl, keep the drama for your mama and away from me. It's like life isn't stressful enough for you to add all the he said/she said high school act. I love it when a girl is as chill as I am when it comes to such things." Ameer, 23

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