Extreme sports are great if you love an adrenaline rush or activities that require a guy whose job is to be strapped behind you while you scream your head off.

Contrary to popular belief, Lebanon has tons of activities you can do; your weekends don’t have to revolve around eating, drinking, and clubbing. Below is a list of extreme sport activities that you can enjoy seasonally or year-round.

1. Paragliding

You can enjoy the view of Jounieh bay or Arz while hanging precariously from a harness. No, we weren’t kidding about a guy having to be strapped behind you. This cool activity is sure to give you a rush!

2. Water skiing

For those who will settle for not being able to walk on water, this sport is probably the most fun you can have in water. Since we don’t have the waves needed for surfing, this is a great alternative.

3. Rafting

Lebanon has beautiful rivers that stretch for miles, the two most famous being the Assi and Litani rivers. Rafting is a great excuse to grab a few friends and spend the day in a boat, it’s also great exercise!

4. Rappelling

The Tanourine nature reserve is one of the most beautiful places in the world to rappel. It has a spot where you can free fall rappel, which is not nearly as scary as it sounds.

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