We don’t have many public service announcements in Lebanon promoting good health…or good anything, really. But there should be a public service announcement telling people how kishek is made. The people have a right to know what they’re putting in their body.

Kishek, for those of you who are smart enough to have never eaten it or even heard of it, is a Lebanese staple (so basically something our grandmas all hoard). It’s often made into a porridge with meat, garlic, and potatoes or into mana’eesh with tomatoes and onions.

Delicious, right? Nope.

But enough with the pleasantries.

Up until very recently, I had no idea how this devil powder was made. So imagine my surprise when I find out that kishek is essentially burghol that has been soaked in yogurt, SOAKED. Then left to dry in the open sun, soaked in more yogurt, (!!!!) left to dry some more, and then kneaded in the hands of some weird person whose job is to knead soggy burghol. The powder is the result of days of kneading. I’ll stop typing so you can take a puke-break here.

Who was the first person to think of this? Who would think of this elaborate process to end up with powder? Why? Why must things be soaked then re-soaked then dried up and essentially played with until they make a paste? Why?

Kishek being made in Turkey. The process is slightly different but just as gross

Our food may be delicious depending on whom you ask, but why is the process by which we make it so elaborate? We hollow out koosa to stuff rice in it. We wrap rice in vine and cabbage leaves. Let’s just take a moment to comprehend the madness of our ancestors.

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Apart from 'kneaded in the hands of some weird person whose job is to knead soggy burghol', the process is very normal and actually I am more confident eating it now

Raya Traboulsi on Jun 17, 2016 via mobile web
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Ok keski is amazing and very help and tastes amazing. I live in canafa and make my own. it is healthy for your body. Just an FYI

Gwen Mourad on Feb 15, 2016 via mobile web
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This bitch is a complete moron!child brained,ignorant and stupid..

Michel Bekai on Oct 14, 2015 via mobile web