Fall semester has begun, and while some students are kicking themselves, others are excited (usually those poor freshman kids). Freshman year is usually the most exciting of your university years because you meet a lot of people, take some very interesting classes, and have this newfound freedom that you’ve never experienced. Here are the 5 types of people you meet in universities in Lebanon.

1) The party animal:

The qualities these individuals possess are unique to say the least. See, these people have a distinct ability that enables them to go out seven days a week and still manage to show up to class the next day looking as flawless as they did the day before. Meanwhile, you’re sitting in class looking like a druggie who hasn't slept in three centuries because you went out for one drink the previous night.

2) The Academic:

These are probably the scariest people you can come across. Why? They are simply not human. They usually come in different shades of pale due to the fact that they never leave library (or class). Don’t be surprised if you find them at the library at 9 PM, that’s where they feast on books. I’m telling you! No human being has the ability to read that many books during the day without being a Wiccan or bloody vampire! Those people don’t sleep.

3) The Pokemon:

The Pokemon is a creature that pops up everywhere. We all have that one student that you constantly see around campus no matter where you are or what you’re doing! If you go to sign up for a club, they show up! If you go to add a course by force, they show up! If you’re taking a particular class! Ta da! They’re there too! You might as well turn into a ghost, chances are, he’ll be waiting for you, hanging out with casper.

4) The Oblivious one:

You know who I’m talking about. They’re the ones who are well into their third year and still don’t know what webmail is. they’re always the last to know about how to upload their assignments on blackboard, and tend to miss deadlines...they’re probably not even fully sure what credits are. They’re just coasting through university and somehow manage to pass even though they bought the wrong textbook.

5) The Friendly Ghost:

Basically, you have no idea who these people are or if they actually exist. They tend to surface once in a blue moon; usually during finals. After that: poof. Gone. You never see them again. Perhaps they were a figment of your imagination after all.


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