Just yesterday, Downtown Beirut witnessed the familiar scene of civil movement demonstrations. Supporters of the “You Stink” and “Badna N7assib” organizations gathered in the heart of the capital to make their voices heard. Here are 10 things we overheard while going about our patriotic duty:

1. “Ooh they are doing the Dabke, lets go dance with them.”

2. “Why didn’t you come with us to happy hour before, this is like a hundred times more fun when your drunk.”

3. ”Do you think we can die…I can’t die today I have a massive project due on Monday…like my entire grade is based on it.”

4. “Shit, I told you we should have brought the Derbake, look how much fun that guy is having.”

5. ”Make sure that the tear gas shows in the background I want the picture to really show my revolutionary side.”

6. “Make the rocks smaller, we want to hurt the bastards not kill them.”

7. ”Next time I am getting a surgical mask even if it means not wearing makeup…my tears are making my mascara run.”

8. “Do you think we can catch the gas canister before it lands…. I want to try that”

9. ”You know it’s nice that they used the water cannons…now we have a cool breeze to go with our revolution.”

10. “Medic, Medic!! He’s bleeding from his head…he lost so much blood…please help me I don’t want my brother to die.”

This is not a joke. This is not meant to make light of the thousands of men and women who braved an all-out assault by the riot police while fighting for our rights, it is simply an amusing look at the medley of people who were present. I for one, was happy that for once we have a scene that includes all factions and classes of our society. The revolution is real, people.

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