Remember when you were a kid and you hated a bunch of cool stuff? We were all such idiots. Here's a list of things we've learned to appreciate:

1. Naps

You curse the day you denied all those childhood naps. And naps during class?! You were in heaven and didn't even know it.

2. Spending time with your parents

You even want to hear their long-ass stories.

3. Reading the news

Get educated.

4. Getting a haircut

Bring on the fresh cuts and the salon neck massages.

5. Eating spicy food

Hot and Spicy Chex Mix for life.

6. Receiving clothes as gifts

When you were a kid, the only gifts worth getting were gadgets and toys - now it's all about the clothes, shoes, and hard cash.

7. Bathtime

Kids get the luxury of being fed, getting a long bubble bath, being washed and scrubbed, then dried, dressed, and brushed. I would pay someone handsome amounts of money to do all that for me. Washing yourself is a chore, yo.

8. Wearing jackets/sweaters

Now you want to be snug as a bug, all the time.

9. Salad and vegetables

Who knew you'd someday voluntarily order a salad?


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