As the saying goes: if you can make it in, Beirut you can make it anywhere. Well actually nobody says that, but they should. This city really tests your survival skills, and the people you live with can really make or break the experience.

Being a good roommate is important in any city but even more so in a city that experiences persistent electricity cuts, political instability, and an overall Armageddon-is-coming atmosphere. Here are a list of Do’s and Don’ts of being a good roommate in Beirut.

DO offer a taste of the meal you made on occasion, it’s just common courtesy.

DON’T use your roommates’ groceries without permission. You may think it's just one egg or a simple yoghurt, but there is something violating about missing groceries.

DON’T make them feel bad if they lock themselves out or forget their keys.

DO be kind to their pets.

DON’T expect them to take care of your pets when you go away on holiday or on a visa run.

DO knock before entering the washroom.

DON’T live-tweet everything that goes on in your apartment.

DON’T talk about politics and keep the TV free of any political party channels. Try neutral TV stations that everyone agrees on, like FashionTV.

DO remember to keep the hot water on if they are coming home late.

DO pay the rent on time.

DON’T mix up the currencies when paying the rent.

DON’T act like the natour (concierge) is your personal servant.

DO put aside money for utilities even if the electricity company is on strike.

DO take care of your roommate if they are sick by bringing them orange juice and Panadol.

DON’T use the opportunity to tell them their excessive sugar intake has weakened their immune system.


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