Usually, when a waiter or bartender tells me to trust their taste, I go from 0 to disappointed in the time it takes for them to serve me my order. 

I had the pleasure of enjoying the most creative and delicious drinks at Ales & Tales pub and restaurant, all made by Ralph. I walked in on a Saturday night and dove straight for a peach margarita - and to see my friends. Instead, the bartender somehow ended up convincing me to try a different drink, one with passion fruit…and curry.

My drink: Curry Passion.

I received what looked like a bowl of ice with a cup in the center; there were 4 prunes and a spoon, and a flaming stick of cinnamon on the ice. The liquid in the cup looked like milk but it was actually a mixture of passion fruit, homemade curry syrup, homemade spicy apple juice, and tequila. The drink was very smooth with no distracting tastes of alcohol or curry; it lightly reminded me of Indian food but was subtle enough to be delicious and actually refreshing! The display was a thoughtful surprise that is often overlooked by baristas. 

Tiramisu Eggwhite

One of my friends ordered a white wine but was eventually convinced to try an egg-based drink. Her drink came in a margarita glass and contained egg whites, tiramisu flavoring, and vodka.

Thyme and Kiwi

My other friend got a rum-based drink in a wine glass, mixed with kiwi, thyme, and an apple flavor. We thoroughly enjoyed our drinks and were impressed by the uniqueness and creativity the place had to offer.

Enjoying my awesome drink.

Pass by Tales & Ales and get a truly creative drink, despite what you originally wanted. 

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