If you read the title and immediately thought “Cougar,” maybe you are not ready for what you’re about to read! Put aside any preconceived notions you may have on the topic, and listen to me – a woman who has married a younger man. Even if the gap is only a few years, trust me, every single year counts! And mostly in a good way.

There’s something very satisfying about knowing you are loved by a man who could have someone prettier, younger, sexier, and possibly more energetic – yet he chose you. This alone is a confidence booster you cannot imagine. Now, before you get all dressed up and go hunting for a younger man, here are the perks and pitfalls of getting one.

Perk #1
A younger man that would date or marry an older woman would be doing so because he adores her. Adoration is slightly different than love alone in that it includes attraction, admiration, appreciation, and even a certain awe of what and who you are. This perk means you will always feel wanted and needed and adored.

Perk #2
The energy! Be it when you’re having a fun weekend or in the bedroom, you’ll definitely appreciate the energy of a younger man. He’s always ready for anything and experimenting is second-nature to a man who has yet to try it all!

Perk #3
He’s your very own eye candy and your fountain of youth. Youth is usually a beautiful thing, but to have it around you all the time is actually quite good for your self-preservation as well. Women with younger men never let themselves go - they make sure to look good at all times which can a great ego booster!

Perk #4
You get to be young again. You will find yourself doing things you haven’t done in quite a while and it will feel good. You could be watching a movie together one day and snowboarding the next. Your life will be full of surprises and fun.

Perk #5
You get to have the upper hand sometimes. But remember, your age is not your ticket to being a dominatrix. On the contrary, use it to your advantage when the voice of reason and wisdom is needed in the home. You will find a younger man will listen to you more frequently and take your advice more often than not!

And now for the downside… thankfully, there aren’t that many and the pitfalls are within your control. You get to deal with them in the best way you see fit.

Pitfall #1
Society! Yes, people will make sly comments and people will eye you up and down as if you were a cradle-snatcher no matter how small the gap in age. All you can do is rise above it and ignore them. They’re probably just jealous and they have every reason to be.

Pitfall #2
The “I am aging faster” syndrome can be a real cow! Every time that gorgeous man takes off his shirt and you see his firm abs, you will be running to the mirror and looking for crow’s feet around your eyes. Again, remember, he adores you and wants you so there is nothing wrong with you.

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