Who wouldn’t want to date a Lebanese? The women are intelligent and gorgeous, the men are funny and considerate. Bottom line is - we’re the full package. This is for all the non-Lebanese who are dating someone who is; here is everything you need to know about dating a Lebanese:

1. If the song “M3allem” is playing on the radio, your significant other will start singing along and making very strange gestures with their bodies. But don’t worry, they’re not having a seizure - it’s just a dance. You’ll get the M3allem fever soon enough.

2. Once you start meeting their friends and family, you’ll be on the receiving end of tons of kisses, hugs, cheek pinches and basically anything that invades your personal space. Do not complain about it, just learn to accept it as a part of your new life. Oh and by the way, I can’t help you with figuring out whether you should go for two or three kisses because I haven’t figured it out myself.

3. Unless told otherwise, no PDA in front of the girlfriend’s family. Play it safe and keep you hands to yourself, you do not want to anger a father or a brother - trust me. No PDA in front of the boyfriend’s family either because surprise: this is a patriarchal society that would judge you and speculate about your past if you exhibit any signs of sexuality or affection.

4. The family will be asking you hundreds of questions about your parents, your job, your parents’ job, religion, political affiliation, and your future. Come prepared, it’s just like a job interview except more awkward.

5. Once you get introduced to your boyfriend’s friends, you will witness a heavy occurrence of winks and nods at your man, do not be frightened, these are merely signs of approval…basically, they think you’re hot. When introduced to your girlfriend’s friends, expect a lot of side eyeing and bitch face gazes, it’s okay, they’re just overprotective of her…or jealous.

6. You will be hearing many “mo7ame el deir” jokes. Do not question them or ask about the reference, just don’t. Laugh, smile, and nod - that’s a basic survival mechanism.

7. Expect lots and lots and lots of food at family dinners. They’re not trying to get you fat or anything, we’re just generous people who love food. You will absolutely love the Lebanese cuisine so you’re not going to mind all the extra pounds you’ll put on.

8. You are guaranteed to hear wedding talk from everyone. They’ll probably have your kids’ names figured out already. And no matter what you do, do not… I repeat DO NOT mention that you don’t want kids, like ever! Even if you and your partner have already agreed on that, just don’t bring it up for everyone’s sake; that sweet grandma’s heart cannot handle such high levels of shock and disappointment.

9. Your partner will turn into a complete monster while driving. Don’t judge because it’s normal; driving in Lebanon can be horrible. Imagine the combination of lousy roads, lax laws, and horrific traffic. You get the picture.


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Elcy Ruzk You are wrong. This article is necessary for any would be partner of a Lebanese to survive the hurdles of the relationship. The fact to show Lebanon all rosy is a complete fallacy and you eould be soon found out. Face reality ! And for a start stop having the complex of the foreigner. We all see that the " fireigner is king " in Lebanon, while he is just another person that like you needs guidance.

Yachts Mann on Oct 29, 2015 via web
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badna nroou2 l 7a2i2a btejra7

Elena G Tayar on Oct 22, 2015 via mobile web
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this is one horrible article beirut.com! How could you promote being ok with monsters driving on the roads? How could you promote the stupidity and say it's ok and expected to have that backwards thinking? You later write articles about how the western societies are better than us then here you say it's ok to be a retard!? Someone should really reconsider their writers and most importantly send out the real message out there that will make us a better society! If someone doesn't want to have kids, then they don't want to have kids and there's nothing to be ashamed of. The winks and nods are a horrible downgrading way to send out approval. This article is just horrible. And coming from you, it makes it twice the horrible.

Elcy Rizk on Oct 21, 2015 via web