If you ever watched LOST, then you probably knew your were in for some quality television every time you saw this:

It has been five years since the last episode of this heart attack of a show aired, and some of us are still talking about it.

So, it’s only natural that we like to imagine… what if LOST were set in Lebanon? Clearly we don’t have to imagine much because here’s how we envision it going down:

1. There are decent electricity hours only in some parts of Lebanon, and even there, it never lasts the whole day.

2. You’re completely unable to trust the politicians in Lebanon because the people in charge are always up to something and are only looking out for their best interest.

3. We have to wear gas masks because the air is full of pollutants, just like on the island.

4. Free speech is often discouraged to keep us islanders in line.

5. You hear about sociopaths left and right getting away with murder with impunity.

6. Only the important people have access to the cool, exclusive DHARMA initiative stuff on the island, the rest of us can die during the first two episodes while Hugo maintains his body mass.

7. The national security in the country seems to be as fickle as having to input 4 8 15 16 23 42 into a computer every 108 minutes.

8. It often feels like instead of moving forward, the country is constantly moving back in time, like that one really confusing season toward the end.

So congratulations everyone, we’re basically living on that damned island.

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