Deir al Oumara is a charming Lebanese mountain hotel nestled in the heart of Deir al Qamar. The edifice, originally built in 1827 by Emir Beshir the Second for his first advisor before being transformed into a boarding school in 1908, is today classified as ‘Historic Hotel’. This heritage is meticulously cared for by the key keepers of the property and infused in the guests journey.

Deir al Oumara offers 16 spacious suites, each with a distinctive cachet and feel. We thrive to offer rooms that breathe the mountains atmosphere and the intrinsic coziness of the region.
Apart from the marvelous leisure activities that the Chouf region offers, we have conceived the hotel to be more than beds and a roof, creating a community-like environment, where families and friends are cajoled all along their stay.

At Deir al Oumara, we are passionate about what we serve.
Being in synergy with the delicious flavors of local production, and fervent disciples of the culinary arts, we propose to you Soufrat al Oumara, a one of a kind contemporary Lebanese restaurant.
Using the simple and the fresh, our aim is to innovate and surprise your palate with the taste of the local and the revisited.

Overhanging one of the most beautiful and well preserved regions in Lebanon, Deir al Oumara’s 300-people wedding venue unites the authentic with the festive and the grandiose with the serene.
We hint you to tie the knot with your significant other in a venue that matches the uniqueness of the occasion.

  • Hotel Services:
    Internet Access

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    Car Park

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    Air Conditioning, Balcony/Terrace, Kitchenette

Deir El Oumara

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    Deir El Kamar, Deir el-Kamar Mob.: +96171119935


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