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For those of you who think that a Kinder crepe sounds like a minor attempt at developing diabetes, and those who think that zaatar or cheese man’ouches are too mainstream, I bring you the (drumroll please) Kinder man’ouche.

Facing AUB’s main gate, a small saj place has created the holiest of dessert and breakfast unions. University Sage, a very popular spot for hungry students rushing between classes, has created the Kinder Manoushe.

A man’ouche saj bread sits there on the hot stove, a few Kinder bars are placed on it, sit back and watch them beautifully melt into what will later have your taste buds orgasming, all for 3,000 L.L. only! I don’t know about you, but that is the cheapest adult entertainment I can get my hands on.

Though it sounds like this concoction would be too sweet, the sweetness of the kinder is offset and balanced by the savory taste of the thick man’ouche bread. This is a perfect treat for breassert (if we can make brunch and linner happen, we can make breassert: breakfast+dessert happen).

Consider yourselves lucky I was able to stop stuffing my face for a minute to take these two pictures! Sahtein everyone.

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