Most of us spend more time at our offices than we do at home; this makes our group of co-workers feel like a second family. Depending on where you work, this could mean a great group of friends OR an eclectic cocktail of annoying people you have to endure from nine to five. Here are six really annoying types of co-workers:

1. The moocher

They don’t bring food from home, and they don’t order food. Instead, they steal a few fries from here, a couple of grape leaves from there, and they get away with it! Same with cigarettes, and don’t get me started on the stationery. So frustrating.

2. The wannabe runway model

Last I checked no one was blogging about extravagant office fashion, but you’ll notice at least one female or male colleague who is taking their fashion choices WAY too seriously for the workplace. No one’s going to ask “who are you wearing?” while you’re at the coffee machine. Relax with the elaborate outfits.

3. The full-time parent

Kids in the picture frame on the desk. Kids on the screensaver. Kids constantly on the phone. Talk about separation anxiety. You’re making us childless people nervous. Stop it. Also, there’s no need for the two hour update about your child’s diarrhea every morning.

4. The chronic dieter

You know the one: constantly asking what you’re going to order for lunch while grabbing their non-existent pot belly and groaning “Ya allahhhhh I wanna lose weight”. They sit and suffer through a salad while they eyeball your burger. Tell them to keep their hands off. They did this to themselves.

5. The slacker

Facebook and Youtube are their closest colleagues. No one is sure why they’re still getting paid, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll have a slacker at work who EMBRACES their laziness. Their vicious cycle of eating, taking coffee breaks, and random phone calls is epically frustrating. Worst case scenario: they make more than you do. Ouch.

6. The nerd

They’ll send you an email when you’re RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. They’ll submit a complaint to your boss instead of talking to you face to face. They work late then stare you down when you walk in hungover. This person needs to leave High School behind immediately; there are no grades at work, habibi. That’s enough.


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