We’re all a little skeptical about couples that get married so young. We find ourselves wondering, what’s the rush? Why throw yourselves in a whirlwind of financial responsibility and emotional commitment that is so…permanent? Now, I’m not saying everyone needs to wait until their 30’s or 40’s to get married - but it does have it’s pro. Here’s what’s great about not getting married while you’re still in Pampers.

1. The freedom

We’ll this doesn’t always apply to everyone but getting married can tie you down. And if you manage to keep your independence, just wait till you start popping out little ones of your own - that’ll go away real fast.

2. Experiencing life

Why are you in a hurry to start worrying about kids, bills, and a potentially adulterous spouse while you can still find the time to go to the coolest clubs or hike mount Kilimanjaro? Slow. Your. Roll.

3. You’ll be stable when you have children

Do you know how much diapers cost? Do you know the cost of putting a child through schooling, university, then post-graduate studies? Do you know the emotional toll of worrying about a little child? You cannot be a child yourself and raise kids at the same time.

4. You grow, personally

Give yourself time to grow as a person. Travel the world. Experience different things. You’ll learn things you never thought you’d learn about yourself and in a way, it will help you find exactly what you’re looking for in your significant other instead of just marrying the first steady partner you have.

5. You grow, professionally

Having the time to invest in yourself and your career will ensure that you don’t end up bitter and regretful. It’s also smart because you get to dedicate yourself to your job, something you cannot do if you have responsibilities towards a spouse or children.

Moral of the story? Don’t get married. Just kidding. By all means, tie that terrifying, permanent knot and obsess over every detail in Pinterest boards. Just be sure you’ve enjoyed your single life enough and that you are more than ready to start this new chapter.


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