Who hasn’t received some surprisingly helpful beauty remedies from grandma?

Since it was just Halloween, we’ll get the first one out of the way; it has been said that bathing a newborn in bat's blood is a sure way to rid the child of excess hair in the future. This may seem absolutely insane to normal people, but some people swear by it!

Other natural remedies are more applicable to full grown humans. 

1. Soaking your hair in Chamomile to lighten the color.  

2. Making a hair mask out of egg whites to condition the hair.

3. Soaking your hair in olive oil to moisturize it.

4. Moisturizing skin with olive oil.

5. Dibbes rimmen (pomegranate sauce) to treat cold sores. 

6. An egg facial for the crows feet - to give eye lids a lift.

7. A honey mask to give your face a lift.

8. Egg and honey mask for deep cleaning pores.

9. Gelatin mask to treat blackheads.

10. Rose water as a facial astringent. 

11. Mixing lemon and honey to cleanse and moisturize feet.

As there are no consistent measurements for the above, be reasonable with amounts and the time you allow remedies to sit on your skin/ hair. These beauty remedies were gathered from various generations of Lebanese women. It is really beautiful how we have learned to use our country’s natural resources in so many different ways.


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