Eavesdropping on conversations in the girl’s changing room is often an opportunity to glean expert advice on fitness, dieting, and life in general. And sometimes, you will even hear things that will just make you laugh. And laughing burns calories too, so here you go! Here are some things I’ve personally overheard at the gym:

Scenario #1:

Two girls enter the change room right after an aerobics class at the gym, one of them says to the other: “Shu 7ilo, we just burned 1000 calories.” Neither of these girls has even one drop of sweat. Like, zero sweat. Girl number two turns to the first one and replies: “No, I think you are wrong.” And the first girl opens her eyes wide and says: “Aktar?”

The underlying lesson: Even if the gym instructor promises that you will burn 1000 calories by attending his/her class, it doesn’t count unless you put in the work. You need to do more than just show up.

Scenario #2:

Girl in the changing room: “The reason I just walk on the treadmill is because running gives you wrinkles.”

The underlying lesson: Apparently running fast should be avoided since it gives you saggy skin, so everyone walk extra slow or you’ll risk looking 80 after a gym session.

Scenario #3:

Girl to her friend: “This gym is good because the TV’s in front of the treadmills are never set on the news. It’s only FashionTV all day, every day.”

The underlying lesson: Prove that you are non-sectarian by only watching the TV channel all Lebanese people agree on: Fashion TV.

Scenario #4:

Guy to the trainer: “Desserts are for girls”

The underlying lesson: self-explanatory.

Scenario #5:

Guy: “People who don’t stretch after cardio don’t respect themselves.”

The underlying lesson: Skipping the cool-down portion of your workout telegraphs a lack of self-worth. So always stretch!


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