If you can all remember back to the tragic day we found out that the popular nightclub Skybar burned down, you will also remember what a big deal was made out of it.

And since that fateful day, we've had a lot of other shit on our plate, too. Since July, Lebanon has been overrun with garbage on the streets, and while many people thought it would just blow over and the situation would go back to “normal” again, it has only gotten worse.

As the situation progressed, people took to the street to voice their concerns; and what started out as the usual small groups of driven middle-aged men, quickly turned into huge protests of young, old, rich, and poor alike under the names “You Stink” and “We Want Accountability”.

The scene could be confused with that of the March 8 or 14 protests from a few years ago, but with the distinction of its aim to unite instead of divide people. And while it’s unclear whether the movement could snowball into a massive revolution, it’s evident that some people have had enough.

So, after an entire summer going to Iris and White like complete animals and barbarians (just a joke, relax everyone), we’ve grown from the experience, much like students who build houses for the poor over the summer.

We didn’t think we could make it, but we did. We spent an entire summer without Skybar, we ignited a fire under the politicians' asses, we've taken an interest in our country - and for that we should congratulate ourselves.

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