“You either know fashion or you don’t.” - Anna Wintor

Brutal words from a true queen of fashion. But what does Anna know about our Beirut boys?

Last week, we brought you Fashion Advice From Beirut Boys, but what happens when we turn the tables?

“No saggy pants. I love guys who wear preppy clothes. Even though I never date anyone who does. And nice shoes are always a plus!” - Mia

“Well fitted suits. Keep it simple. Don’t wear shorts if you have chicken legs. Don’t wear white socks with moccasins. And hmm...don’t mix more than 3 colors at a time.” - Diana

“He can wear literally whatever. Confidence in your look is the most important thing. It is all that matters.” - Dahlia

“We don’t need to see your chest hair. You can’t go wrong with a crisp white shirt. No fake brand shoes. No pointy shoes. Iron your shirts. Your pants shouldn’t be so tight that they show your bulge. Oh, and if your socks are going to show, make sure they’re not ugly. Sport shoes are not everyday shoes, unless you’re Steve Jobs. Own at least one pair of really nice dress shoes. No oversized leather jackets. Learn how to tie a tie. Oh! No short sleeved dress shirts. No cropped jeans, please. Do wear scarves but pick them wisely.” -Lynn

“Don’t be afraid. There is nothing sexier than a comfortable man. Mix, match and wear a blazer or tank top if you feel like it.” -Dima

“Tailor your shit. I can’t think specifics. Make sure your pants are the right length. Nothing less attractive than pants too long or verging on capris.” - Heather

“I don’t like when they wear baggy things that don’t fit them.” - Marya

“Don’t let your boxers hang out of your pants.” - Jowel

“Advice: Don’t wear tight clothes. Don’t wear low waisted jeans unless you have a nice a**. Don’t unbuckle your shirt like Rambo or Fabio” -Rand 

“Don’t wear flanella under your shirt/ polo” -Tiff

“Please stop wearing bright colored moccasins. Please.” -Chloe

“Butt crack. Wear belts.”- Darine

“We don’t need to see your nipples. So lose the very tight shirts. 
And as far as shoes go, the pointy ones suck. Oh and the wrestling belts. Stop using gel and switch to oil replacement.”

“Don’t try to appeal to the people around you more than you try to appeal to yourself. Nobody really knows what they are doing when it comes to fashion so don’t wear what you think the girls want. There is nothing less sexy than constantly seeking approval and attention. Be mindful of your body type. Don’t try to compete with my fashion sense please, keep it simple and dress up when you feel like it.” -Sarah

“Don’t ever wear flanella. That's a big no, even if it’s cold in winter wear the T-shirt ones not not the tank!” - Elsa

In the end, it seems Beirut girls mainly want a boy to think out his under garments, lose the super tight clothes, and be comfortable in what he’s wearing.

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