Note: this article was written by guest writer Josiane Atallah, a student at the Lebanese University.

You’ve probably heard the rumors and the horror stories (usually accompanied by tears) from students who attend the various faculties of Lebanese University. The truth is, attending LU can be very challenging, and while I can’t personally speak for all the different campuses, here’s your go-to guide on how to survive Lebanese University Fanar:

1. Learn to navigate through the newly revamped website.
You’ll find many announcements, job opportunities, and partnerships with foreign universities if you simply put in the extra effort to surf through the site. It can be a great tool for undergrads and graduates alike!

2. Benefit from the diversity.
All campuses offer programs in English, Arabic, and French, with an extensive list of majors and courses in each. Benefit from the no attendance policy in some courses to pick up a new skill, brush up on your French, or even take a course that simply interests you.

3. Bring your own deck of cards.
With plenty of time to kill between courses, a card game is the best way to pass the time and make new friends (or reconnect with old ones) all the while having an all-you-can-eat buffet made up of every snack you can think of from the cafeteria. Yes, we have jelly beans. And yes, we’re proud of that.

4. Make sure at least one professor knows your name.
As most of you first years already know, class sizes can be as large as a hundred students to one professor. Having a professor know you personally can help in case you ever need a recommendation, career advice, or just a pep talk! Most importantly, some professors like to use a student as a positive example for the rest, and there’s no shame in being “that” student.

5. Get a hold of as many previous exams as you can.
Most teachers will offer them anyway, but the libraries across the street (like Nota Bene, Madi, and have “previouses" dating back to the 80’s, and as they say: the more the merrier.

6. Speaking of exams…
Do not allow the often frightening rumors about exams to discourage you. If you study well and solve a previous or two, you are guaranteed to do well.

This rule is self explanatory.

8. Supplies. Supplies. Supplies.
The university is government-funded, which sadly translates to: under-funded. Bring your own tissues, wipes, as well as any other instruments you will for labs or courses.

9. Student events rarely happen.
Unlike many other universities, events are usually restricted to Christmastime and are limited to fundraisers, but you can make use of the cafeteria, the ping pong area, and the “KitKat” benches for all your socializing needs. It’s a great way to meet new people in the absence of student events.

10. Give back in any way you see fit.
As previously mentioned, the university, though under-funded, is doing an amazing job in keeping its doors open at low cost for thousands of students. You can give back in small ways, by merely helping another student or a professor, or help out by setting a solid example and spreading a positive image of the university .


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