Inspired by culture, built with innovation.

Brei real estate developer establishes sustainable communities inspiring a sense of cultural pride and a dedication to the environment. Brei proved it's respect to tradition through its authentic yet creative projects:
Convivium creations consist of seven unique and high-end buildings integrating the latest facilities in their architecture and designed to create a sense of convivial living within the city as well as honor the spirit of the traditional Lebanese houses.
Edelweiss, a charming mountain community at the heart of the glamorous Faqra Club , that blends the virtues of a traditional pedestrian neighborhood with the indulgences of a grand cosmopolitan center.

Brei is constantly in search for the ideal location, the perfect opportunity, the unique idea to create distinctive living spaces that shape the city.

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Brei (Byblos Real Estate Investment)

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    Arz Street Gemmayzeh Tel.: +9611560611


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