A digital marketer, a communications-oriented person, and a passionate TV presenter, Elie started his career in 2013 after receiving professional training at Bright I institute with Mr. Antoine Kassabian.

He wrote and presented his first 5-minute program "Bel Hakika Kif" on Noursat TV and joined Mariam TV in 2014 where he embarked on a bigger journey hosting "Anta Fi Hayati", a talk show highlighting the role of the man in women's lives; while interviewing women celebrities and business women.

After that, Elie combined his Masters in Communications degree and his interest in coaching with his presentation skills in "Between The Lines"; a show highlighting the relationship struggles couples often experience, with the presence of specialized guests (psychologists, psychotherapists, communication persons, etc). Some of the topics discussed include: long distance relationships, relationships where one of the partners is struggling with disease, couples' communications, and more.

Between the Lines is broadcast every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. on Mariam TV.

Elie Sarkis

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